June 4, 2012

Board of Trustees Meeting

Monday, June 4, 2012


Members Present:  Bill Albon, Jim Church, Fred Miller, Elaine Milsaps, Don Rudisill, and Lemmie Smith.

Guests: Rick Hallman and Mike Houser


The meeting was called to order by Fred Miller -Trustees chair.  Jim Church opened the meeting with prayer. Minutes from the April 30, 2012 meeting were passed out, reviewed, and approved.


With no volunteer to take minutes, Fred Miller agreed to do so.




  • Update on installation of video camera for child care room:  Rick Hallman discussed the installation of the camera and demonstrated the results.  It was necessary to repair and ultimately replace the receivers previously installed for this purpose. Fortunately the company from which they were purchased stood by their products and replaced them at no cost to the church.


Rick had also pulled cable provided by Jerry Lamb but was unable to complete the job due to having no “pull” wire in the new chase and insufficient room in the older chase for the cables.  Rick had asked Joel Herman to contact the electrician who installed the chase to install a pull wire. After discussion, it was suggested that Rick may be able to use a vacuum cleaner to suck a string through the chase and use that to pull a wire.  Rick agreed that might work and planned to give it a try.


Rick demonstrated the camera and the Trustees agreed it was of good quality – especially considering the $37 Rick had spent thus far to accomplish this task.  Rick advised the Trustees that the picture quality would be improved when he moved the camera to the center of the Sanctuary’s back wall.  He planned to do that once the Trustees gave him the go ahead.  The Trustees advised Rick of the grant funding that Pastor Jim had received for the purpose of purchasing a HD camera and recording equipment as well as funding provided by the Methodist Women to purchase a flat screen TV.  Rick indicated that any new camera should have a “component out” format.


The Trustees thanked Rick for his work and delayed authorization to move the camera until details regarding the new camera could be finalized.


  • Building Use Policy:  Chairman Miller asked each Trustee to go over the existing Policy line by line and send him any recommended changes or items to be considered for additional discussion.  Fred will take these changes and prepare a draft for further review.


  • Zumbathon Request:  The Trustees discussed the request and clarified some of the issues discussed at the last meeting.  The Trustees stated that the facilities could be used for fundraisers by other non-profit organizations that are supported by our church ministry and in congruence with the Methodist Church Discipline.  However, there was some question about the church’s liability in the event of an accident or illness related to the sponsored activity.  Also should a certificate of insurance be required from groups using our facilities or whether a signed disclaimer would be sufficient?  Fred was asked to contact Lance Sigmon and our insurance provider for their input.


The Trustees asked Fred to contact Tina and get clarification on the specific group that will benefit from the proceeds of the Zumbathon so it could be determined that they meet the above standard.  Also, what is her timetable was for beginning holding Zumbathons?  If her timetable is pending, the Trustees agreed a called meeting might be necessary to give her a final answer.

  • Gutter Replacement at Parsonage: This project was discussed and Fred asked for a volunteer willing to facilitate the process.  It was decided to proceed with getting bids for the new gutters and to contact a local recycling firm to determine how much income might be expected from the copper gutters.  Fred agreed to make these initial contacts but was still interested in a volunteer to be responsible for oversight of the project.
  • Community Garden Update:  Fred indicated that two garden sites had been claimed by interested gardeners.  The entire garden except for one corner is planted with one section being maintained by Fred and some other volunteers.  Camellia Rudisill had also worked with the After-School kids and showed them how to plant Tomato plants.  The irrigation system and a hydrant have been installed with Pastor Jim’s assistance.  Grant funding from the District Mission Society had been utilized to purchase the above plus a tiller and sprayer.  Other supplies had been donated by church members.




  • Combination for the Locks: Fred advised the Trustees of the combinations for the lock on the storage building and hydrant.  Anyone else needing access should contact Fred or Pastor Jim for the combination.
  • Additional Projects for Addition to the Report to Finance Committee: Fred asked if there were any other projects that needed to be considered by the Trustees before turning the report over to the Finance Committee.  After discussion, it was decided to add interior painting of the Sanctuary to the list. Fred was asked to contact a painting company to secure an estimate.
  • Out of Order Restrooms: Bruce Loyer had worked on problem toilets in the Ladies restrooms in the Sanctuary.  Discussion focused on how this could be prevented in the future by using signage or other methods.  A motion was made by Don Rudisill and seconded by Bill Albon to purchase metal receptacles to be placed in each Ladies Restroom where feminine hygiene products can be placed.  The motion passed unanimously.  It was determined that 6 receptacles would be needed and Fred will work with Pastor Jim and Susan to purchase them.
  • Shrub Pruning:  Fred indicated he planned to prune the spring blooming shrubs during the following week. Additionally, he will “limb-up” the Privet shrub beside the Day Care Playground to reduce security issues and provide access to some additional shade for those playing in the area.
  • Outdoor Lighting Issues: Michael Houser reported that 5 “wallpak” lights were not functioning properly on the back side of our property and another light in the courtyard was missing a bulb.  Because of the above, the entire back of the church is left in the dark.  Michael stated he had been advised by the Newton Police there has been a rash of break-ins in churches and businesses in our area. The police highly recommend that we improve lighting on the back of our property because currently they are unable to see if anything is going on.


Michael had requested one of his co-workers at Lake’s Electric to visit our church and advise us on how best to proceed.  It was his opinion that it was likely that at least one of the units had too large a bulb in place when it was originally installed. This led to the meltdown of the lens on these units.  Only one unit (end of FLC) was identified as definitely needing replacement.  The others needed a new bulb and did not necessarily need to be replaced. However, all of the fixtures had lens discoloration and would yield less light than a new fixture.


Michael gave the Trustees the following options for replacing these fixtures:

Installation costs:  $65 per hour for a bucket truck needed to reach the fixtures, $50 per hour for each man (2 men required).  The fixture replacement is projected to require 20 to 25 minutes per fixture.


Light Fixtures:  Fixture (with bulb) similar to those in place with resin lenses will cost $225 +/-.  If you go with a fixture with Pyrex lenses, they cost $300 and LED lights cost $550.  In a follow-up email, Michael indicated that Lake’s had some better quality light fixtures they would sell us at their costs ($229.43 each).  Five of the units were available because specs were changed on another job Lake’s had. Installation costs would likely be higher than the other units due to the need to drill new holes.  Each installation should require 30 minutes and at the very least the cost per hour is/will be $65.00 per hour for small bucket truck and $50.00 per hour for labor. No final decision was made on replacing the light fixtures. This will likely require a called meeting given the security concerns expressed by the Newton Police.


  • Fall Workday:  The Trustees discussed the need for a fall workday to replenish the landscape mulch and get the grounds ready for winter.  A tentative date of September 22 was set and Susan will be asked to include it in future church calendars and the Newsletter.


  • Next Meeting: The Trustees agreed to suspend regular meetings over the summer.  However, called meetings may be necessary.  The next Trustees’ meeting was scheduled for Monday, September 10, 2012


Respectively Submitted


Fred Miller




April 30, 2012

Board of Trustees Meeting

Monday, April 30th, 2012


Members Present: Bill Albon, Jim Church, Bruce Loyer, Elaine Milsaps, Terry Shull, Lemmie Smith


The meeting was called to order by Bruce Loyer-vice chair. Jim Church opened the meeting with prayer. Minutes from; the March 19th meeting were passed out, reviewed, and approved.


With no one to volunteer to take minutes, Bruce Loyer agreed to do so.




  • Update on FLC wall repair – Lemmie Smith has not been able to secure an alternate bid. It was recommended to let Jerry Pope do the work unless we have another proposal. His bid was $7000. We put it on the list for approval from the Finance Comm.


  • Parking Lot Paving – We received 4 bids for the Church and Parsonage. It was decided to go with Precision with a bid of $6355 for the parsonage, $16665 for the West Parking Lot, and $5650 for the sealing of the East Lot and Holes for a total of $28670


  • Community Garden – Discussed a banner to erect at the garden. Need to come up with text and place to have printed.


  • Video Camera – Bruce Loyer will get with Rick Hallman to see where we are.


  • Building Use Fees – Jim Church reported that we are currently in line with the other churches in the area.


  • Zumbathon – Discussed the request by Tina Moose to use the FLC for her Zumbathon Fund Raiser. The members present discussed her requests and felt that any fund raising by for profit groups could use the church only if all profits were donated to the churches projects or charities. We may want to invite Tina to present her needs to the Trustees directly regarding Zumbathon and Scrapebooking with Vendors.


  • Prioritization of Projects for Finance Committee
    • West wall of FLC                                                                       $7000
    • Repaving both lots and Parsonage Drive                        $30000
    • Re-roofing Sanctuary                                                             $13000
    • Re-roofing Education Bldg                                                    tbd


  • Gutter Replacement at Parsonage-Approved the motion that the copper guttering currently at the parsonage be removed and scraped to help pay for the install of new guttering. Need to assign someone to research bids for the removal and install


  • Water Garden – Approved the removal and salvage of any usable parts by Fred Miller.


  • Women’s Bathroom Upstairs Ed. Bldg – The toilet is a commercial unit according to Jim Church and will need commercial connections. Will need to contact Brian or his Dad to see if the work can be done. Bruce Loyer will snake the toilet.


  • Next Meeting Monday, June 4th, 2012


Respectively Submitted


Bruce Loyer

Vice Chairman